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Canceled booking , Guest did not arrived

Individual entrepreneur Thermal Bio Apartment Janos Najy *** VAT number: Invoice number : *** Date: 03/06/2020 Period: 01/05/2020 - 31/05/2020 INVOICE Description Room Sales Commission Reservations € 74.75 € 11.21 Total amount due € 11.21 Total amount due f or payment (as per exchange rate 346.3395374) HUF: HUF 3,882 Payment Due: June 16, 2020 Please transf er the total amount due to our bank account below by the Payment Due date. Be sure to include INVOICE *** and ACCO MMODATION NUMBER *** with your payment instructions


Guest did not arrived , our border in Hunagry are closed. Why you did not canceled all reservation?

Pls cancel my invoice!



Hi Thermal Bio Apartment


Welcome to the Partner Community, you are only addressing fellow partners, volunteers and BdC Community Team.


The BdC Finance nor Support team will never see this.

As per the Community Guidelines, please do NOT post reservation details , like you did above.


Its utterly pointless as there is nothing we can do with it.


Instead for this topic you should use the Extranet Inbox  system to send a request with the notes and the action you require.


Here is a guide and where and how to.

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


I noticed your partner profile is missing the Listing link , please add it :


How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile



Kind Regards