Canceled Non-Refundable Reservation?

Hey Everyone !

I recently made the non-Refundable option available for the guests that come at my property .

About 2 days ago a non-Refundable reservation got canceled.


My question is how do i get the payment of the cancelation?


Thank you !

Roland Qose

Hey Barry,

Thank's a lot for explaining , you helped a lot !

Kind Regards

Nicki Myles

I have a follow up question on this. 

I had the same issue - a non-refundable 'payment may be taken at any time' booking that then cancelled. The guest temporarily suspended their credit card (as was unable to process the transaction when I tried).  Guest was due to arrive two weeks ago for a two week stay and should have checked out yesterday.

I tested the card today and it would seem that the card is once again working.  Given my non-refundable policy (and that this was not a cancellation to do with coronavirus) Can I charge their credit card?