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Dear, I have a guest that has cancelled her visit in August for personal reasons. (Not Covid-19 related).

She asks for a refund, but I have a strict cancellation policy. However, I wish to offer her a 50% refund.

How do I go about to fascilitate this?

Will the booking fee to booking.com remain the same, or will it also be reduced by 50%?


Kind Regards/Jonas

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Hi Jonas Stenbeck

If are using Payments by BdC, and Guest prepaid, then


1. Message  BdC support , and request them to refund 50% or

2, You refund directly only 50% of the amount you receive from BdC , only.


So If Guest paid BdC 200, and you only receive 160, then the refund amount would be 80

You ask them for their IBAN info and do a bank transfer


If you are taking prepayment directly, the nsimply follow the partial refund procedure for your payment gateway provider.


Kind Regards

5 months ago