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Cancellation 20 minutes after agreed check-in time, with 7 day policy and cash only payment


So we listed our apartment recently. And our first guest was supposed to show up today. Just yesterday the guest confirmed the check-in time today at 15:00. The guest cancelled 15:30.

The cancellation policy in place is:

  • The guest can cancel free of charge until 7 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the total price if they cancel in the 7 days before arrival.

We currently only accept cash as the credit-card terminal is not yet setup.

According to the policy we are entitled to receive the full amount from the guest. But I have little hopes to get the money from some guy in Turkey who barely speaks English.

How does handle this? What is the procedure? All lost?

Thank you.

kind regards


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Hi if you do not have a credit card terminal and no arrangement with to take full payment when the guest books then I am afraid you have zero chance of being paid.

1 year ago
Graham Fisher

I'm afraid I agree with David - to avoid this occurring again Fred, I would mark the apartment "not available" until you get your card terminal sorted... and if this is your first time with a card terminal test it out by charging one of your own cards with a small sum first to make sure everything is working properly.

1 year ago
Siranne van Onselen

As far as I know, has a 1 hour grace period from the time of booking where the guest can cancel free of charge.

Yes, wait until your card terminal is set up or insist on Bank transfers with proof of payment or the booking will be cancelled until your card terminal is set up

We take 50% deposit as soon as we receive a booking ( sends us the card details) and if it declines, we mark it as invalid in the extranet and then after 24 hours if the guest has not updated the card details or paid us via other means, we can legally cancel the booking. We do have a cancellation policy in place, so if a guest legitimately cancels before the cancellation period kicks in, we just refund their credit card in full

1 year ago