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Does anybody let their guests cancel for free on arrivals on short term due to the Corona virus even when you have a cancellation policy of 2 weeks? We are just threatened by a future guest because we refused his apply for a free cancellation. We are based in the South of Spain, client is Spanish as well. Please advice, thanks 



Hi Johan,


Is rate non-refundable or flexible?

What is the cancelation period and policy for this rate?


Link your property listing  and add it also to your profile for future use also. Thanks


Check the Partner Topic daily to see of any new amendments to travel restrictions covered by the Forced Cancelation.…

EU laws states consumer who books accommodation individually and not part of a package are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the provider for that booking type.

This was already mentioned on another topic, but are not following that law and instead applying a One Fits All Rule, which clearly is wrong.…

Its under the DIY holidays section.



Kind Regards

Tamar Rost

Good afternoon to everyone. Not offense please, but If future guest wants to cancel for Covid-19 even if his reservation is non refundable we MAKE IT REFUNDABLE IMMEDIATELY. COOPERATION IS TOP PRIORITY FOR US. Greetings, thanks for sharing.