Cancellation of booking ***

Good morning

Please note this booking *** has been cancelled on my system as we can not get hold of this guest as the number doesnt exist! and the guest has not paid his deposit.

We have a huge problem with booking with this number +***

Please can you explain why so many booking have the above number as their contact details



Silvia Aires



Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.




  1. Please rename your partner profile to a more professional name ,such as:
    1. Short Name for Property - GroveShire
    2. Your own name or nickname. e.g. Steve G  
  2. Cancelled on your System
    1. Please eleaborate more, are you using a 3rd party system and no connectivity to BdC ?  
    2. or is it a PMS/Channel Manager and is connected to BdC?  
  3. Guest  booking with no deposit.
    1. When it is not prepaid and you only ask for a deposit, you must take it directly from the Guest.  
    2. However if the guest has change of mind or another life event, you may not receive deposit nor hear from them ever again.  
    3. If check in date is at least 3 days away give them a chance, and do message them the time limit to pay deposit before booking is voided.  
  4. Cancel a booking when no deposit is paid.
    1. Open the reservation details page
    2. Right Pane Menu, choose Request Cancelation
    3. Choose option <1>.
    4. System notifies Guest.
    5. If the status of the booking does not update to Canceled with in say 2-3 hours, phone BdC support.




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