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Cancellation Charge

Hi every one, 

I havent been having the best time with our listing as of yet. We are just a small guest house with four seperate rooms. Because of this we don't accept eftpos here only cash, So far we have had 5 bookings just not show up and we have been unable to take a cancellation fee. has advised me that the only way we can do that is to accept credit card payments and we would have to collect it ourself? I have no idea how to do that currently and am worried it will be alot of investment and time with little to no return. Is there any other method of getting around this? 

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Same problem for me. Cash only and many no shows. Get on the Airbnb platform - no payment problem s as they collect payment for you

1 month ago
Isle of Wight …

yes - if can't or won't provide Payments by, then switch to AirBnB - so much easier and you get your money!

1 month ago