Cancellation Charges

I have a strict cancellation policy as we are on a small remote scottish island.

Recently I have had a couple of cancellations, on the first one I could not view the credit card details so I telephoned booking.com who activated this for me. On looking at the details there were no CVC number so I could not make a charge on their card. I was told that as I had now looked at the details I would not be able to see the CVC number, I wrote this off to experience and expected to be able to see the full details next time.

So yesterday another cancellation with advice to charge the card. I opened the credit card details and all I had was a blank space where the CVC number should be. I received a call from booking.com asking if I would waive the charges, I said No and explained the situation regarding CVC. I was told Booking.com would reach out to the customer and ask them to contact me with the number. Guess what no contact, and why would they?

Has anyone else had a similar problem and any suggestions as to how to resolve it?

Many thanks 




You need to get BDC to add the requirement for a CVC code onto your listing. Contact them the normal way and request it.

In future, if you have an unchargeable card, waive the charges as you'll never be paid and you don't want BDC to charge you commission on funds not received.

I suggest you also make your listing, for high season at least, bookable with non-refundable full payment only, at time of booking. This way you find out if the card is duff early on. You may then request correct details and thereafter are allowed to cancel the booking any time after 24 hours have passed.


Hi dear partner forum particpants:

That was the topic I came to the forum ;the cancellation policy.

There was so much frustration, and probably you can understand when you have the expectation of that money coming in and suddendly without any sign, there is a cancellation and too late to sell the room.

I try to contact my bank to get a device and can charge without the physic presence of the card but the device was not approved in my case.

I recognized that BookingColombia is working on that topic and the solution could be the one that fluff illustrate in his comment.Bookable with non-refundable full payment only is a great tool to collect our funds , the time and money invested.Booking Colombia is going to work on the collection of the money and sending to the owner to pay off our efforts and by maintaining ourself competitive.