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Cancellation due to covid

I'm sure this has been asked many times before but if a guest has booked a property but has to cancel due covid19 restrictions, does give a full refund to the guests or the option to change their booking to another date?

Thanks in advance



 It is not up to to make that decision.


Only your cancellation policy or your  choice to make an exception.


 The guest can cancel via their account on to make a cancellation or the can phone customer support.


 You will then receive a notification and a possibly a request to waive fees .


This is your decision.


 Should the rate type be nonrefundable it is still up to you to decide to make an exception.


as soon as you click the link to make an exception the system would process a full refund.


Note ,  You should still consider offering the guest the ability to change date 1st over a refund.