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Cancellation fee

Hi I wish to add a none refundable to my page how can I do it and collect payment on their card. I have lots of walking in guests so when I receive a booking I can’t afford last mints cancellation. Can you please give me a call and or correct this to my page. Thank you!  Ramzi R Musallam Owner 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Ramzi Musallam


Firstly welcome to the partner community.

No pone will phone you or update your Extranet for you, only you can or with a BdC Support Advisor while you are on the phone with them or submit a request in detail 


If you are new and do not have a payment gateway provider such as etc., then ask BdC to put you on Payments by BdC , 


This way it removed all the risk for you and less management and more time to focus on other important things.


If you want to have option to take payment on site and prepayments, then you need to sign up with a payment gateway provider and ask for a virtual terminal .

THey give you by default the ability to generate a payment liunk which you can then message t othe new guest with a time limit.


Should a guest not prepay with in the limit you are authorised to go to their reservation details page and click on Request Cancelation and choice option1, , which is guest did not pay.



There are many scenarios and options, so better if you clarify what you have and what you want to whittle  down the list..


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well



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Aaron Account … 2 years ago

Hi Ramzi,


Thank you for your question and contributing to the Partner Community. As an Account Manager at I hear about this issue from my partners a lot. Thankfully, there are a few options we can set up to combat cancellations. 


Non-Refundable Rate Plan:

 A non-refundable rate plan will mean a guest is required to pay in full if they cancel, make changes or don't show up (no-show). You'll need to access the Extranet and follow the below:

  1. Click on Add non-refundable rate under the Rates & Availability tab on your Extranet.
  2. A short list of questions will appear to guide you through the setup. Select the answers that best match your property’s needs.
  3. Click Review to double-check your selections.
  4. Click Activate rate plan to finalize the non-refundable rate. Depending on your previous selections, this might be the final step. Additional messages could appear to guide you through any extra steps. 

You can read more about rate plans in this post 


Early Booker Rate Plan:

You mentioned that your property receives a lot of last minute bookings. An effective way to reduce these walk-ins is to encourage them to book further in advance. This is the idea behind an Early Booker Rate Plan. Like above, the rate plan is also non-refundable (NR) but with 2 key differences:

  1. It is only bookable X days in advance (e.g 15 days or more)
  2. It will have a deeper discount than your NR and free cancellation rate plan.

The second point is key. In order to lock guests into a booking further out, they must think they are getting the best deal. Think about when you book an airplane ticket for a holiday. Those last minute flights are usually much more costly. 

To set one up please read this post 


Online Payments - Virtual Credit Cards:

In additional to the above rate plans, has a secure payment program to reduce your cancellations. Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) allow a guest to pay your property in an alternative online payment method (e.g. Paypal, WeChat Pay). will facilitate this and provide you with a virtual Mastercard to charge. You can use the same method to charge this Mastercard as you do with regular credit cards. Some of the benefits include:

  • Guaranteed payment: Guests pay when they book, so no more chasing payments or invalid credit cards.
  • Reduced cancellations: When bookers pay online on, they’re 4x less likely to cancel.

  • Potential new bookers: By offering more flexibility, you open your property up to guests who can’t pay by credit card.

You can learn more in this post 


If you need us again, we're always here.


Aaron B.

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