Cancellation fee and no show

So if the guest:

Does not show up, Doesnt cancel the reservation, and I mark him as a no show. I will not pay commission but get all the reservation money? Is that correct? This is slightly confusing. 





Two things since you were very vague in details.


1. If No show and not prepaid to BdC, then mark as no show you get nothing and no commission. 


2. If prepaid direct or via BdC aka Payments by BdC, and no show marked, you get paid and pay commission.


If your rate is non refundable,  no payments by bdc, and you only accept payments on arrival direct, then you get nothing.


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The lesson here is,  do strict rates, non refundable with prepay via BdC.


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I agree with Barry.  Prior to having BdC collect payments I only did cash transactions. I had several no shows, so no money.  Since switching to Booking.com collecting my payments this has not happened.  They do charge to do it but overall worth the charge and the wait.

M Adamopoulou

100% agree!!!

Payments by BDC is an excellent way to avoid cancellations and no shows.



Aaltje B.

But, if you have your own device to receive payments from or have people pay by then BdC won't collect money for you!  This is small print matter. 



Aaltje B.