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Cancellation Process

Apologies if this question has an obvious answer, but I'm struggling to get a response from We're pretty new to the whole thing from a partner perspective. 

We're a small self-catering holiday business in Scotland and (like everyone else), we've had a lot of cancellations. I have a simple question, when managing the cancellations :-

1) Do I process the refund myself (via our integrated PMS Supercontrol)


2) Will process the refund automatically, by charging us through its normal monthly direct debit billing process?

I've tried to find the answer everywhere, but no joy!      



It sounds like you are using a Channel Manager with a PMS feature.

Are you taking direct payments or is BdC taking prepayment?


If BdC taking the payment then yes they can refund but you can instigate it via the bdC Extranet,

Reservation details page, right pane , 'Request to Cancel', choose option 2.

Guest and you get an email to confirm.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well


Chris Lawford

Hi Barry, thanks for the response. The usual process is this:- 

1) receives the booking, the booking details are transferred to our PMS and the deposit/full amount is immediately transferred to our bank account.

2) We receive the balance amount  8 weeks prior to arrival, again via bank transfer.  

3) On a monthly basis, will separately bill us via direct debit for the commission, based on the booking that have taken place in the last month.  



when you say 

amount is immediately transferred to our bank account.

that would suggest the guest card details are presented directly and not a VCC.


So in that case if your CM supports cancelling bookings and integrated t o the payment  gateway you use then it should have a function & procedure to refund the payment.




Chris Lawford

Thanks Barry, just to be sure - that means I should process the refund in supercontrol, rather than wait for to deduct it in the next monthly billing (direct debit) process?



Hi Chris,


Yes to me based on above that would be the best way to keep everything balanced.

But no harm messaging finance team to clarify,


The assumption is payment method is guest CC into your payment gateway