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Cancellation within 14 days before arrive


Guests canceled booking in the period of cancellation with penalties, they were, more accurately, canceled within 14 days before arrival. What are the next steps and how do I charge a cancellation? Can i charge a cancellation at all?

thank you, I'm new to this, so I need to ask :)

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Dear Nikola,

You must be able to charge Virtual Cards in order to charge a guest for cancellation, as the method you need to use is described as a MO/TO payment.

Usually payment gateways let you process such transactions. Or your POS device should be able to do that if your bank has such a service.

This is why Pre-Authorization is a must when you work with credit/debit card payments. This also falls under the capability of your bank.

If you can charge them with your existing system, go ahead and do so. That's why you set up this cancellation policy, it's in your hands now.

You can also choose to not charge them if you wish to do so. Bear in mind that BDC charges commission on cancellation charges if you choose to apply it.

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1 year ago

We charge a deposit (or full payment depending on the season) at the time the reservation is received. Any cancellations fees are kept and balance, if any, refunded. Also, very important that cancellations go through the system so that you don't get charged for a commission at the end of the month.

1 year ago