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Dear Partners,

I would like to ask about the cancellations. A guest requests free cancel, I confirm his request. But I did the wrong choice because I haven't money to refund. There is everyone who knows what can I do?

Thank you


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi  Andriana


It sounds like you received a email from  BdC system on behalf of the guest looking to cancel but instead of accepting it you choose decline?

Or did you get a Request to waiver cancellation fee and choose decline?


Either way simply go to Extranet,

  • Inbox,
  • Messages
  • ,On right pane click - See Contact Options.
  • Use the message option select the category and enter the booking number.
  • Send request for the booking to be fully refunded.


Worst case you can simply instead wait for the payout , and refund the guest the amount received , which will be booking minus OTA commission.


That is assuming you are using Payments by Booking.



Kind Regards