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Cancelled booking

Hello, I need some help please, I have this cabin * cosy cabin close to beach yes, and 31-1 August I had a booking ***, I had to cancel the booking request and I paid him back what he had paid to you, I tried contacting you and cancel the booking but without success.

So the first of August I sent him his money back.

The 9th of August I received the payment from you and the fee on around 80kr is my request to get back since I could not host him.

His reference number is ***

I also have a photo of my payment back to him on the full 500kr.

So just to be clear I'm asking for the fee payment back on his booking.

Best and sincere, Julia


Hi Julia, 


You cant request this here, you need to phone or message support.


Or use the dispute option in statement view under finance menu.


Also how exactly did you previous attempt contact?