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Cancelled booking: can I recover Stripe handling charges

Customer has cancelled free of charge.


However, I have been charged 2.5% handling fee by Stripe.


Can I recover those costs before paying the customer their deposit minus this handling fee??

Thuild - Your …

Dear Stephen,

So let me get this right:

1. You charge a deposit, with Stripe

2. Guest has to pay the 2.5% on the deposit, when they pay it

3. You want to refund the deposit, however the 2.5% paid by them is the question here

If so, then you should only refund the deposit, not the 2.5%. However if the 2.5% fee is included in the deposit price, you'll lose the 2.5% fee.

It's that simple.


Zsolt -

Stephen Hillcoat


We, as the agent, will be charged 2.5% by Stripe on the deposit.  Should we return all of the deposit or charge the customer the 2.5% handling fee??