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Cancelled booking on non-refundable dates is still blocking future reservations

My customer required cancellation in a non-refundable reservation.  I received a message from them saying that they are requesting cancellation.  I only receive cash payments.  So they said that they are cancelling and left.  Did not reply to me again. They are not loosing any money because in any way, they had not pay any thing.  But for me it is an issue because the date in the calendar are still blocked for future reservations.  I have send them more messages requesting them to cancel somewhere in the system, also called them, but no reply or answer.  What should I do?

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pibomarco 3 years ago

In extranet there is a button "Request to cancel" but the guest must then accept this request. If guest is not responsive I would suggest that you add new availabilty in calendar (if this is even possible). But don't forget to edit availabilty if the original booking is canceled later...

Also it is possible that you will have to pay a commission for this booking since it is a non-refundable reservation.

Spitskop 3 years ago

I have this as an issue as well. Although you can as suggested add availability in calendar, your contract as such with says this is a confirmed booking and cannot be cancelled...thus only the client who booked can cancel, and once they are no longer interested in the booking very difficult to get them to cancel....can make a suggestion, would it be possible to contact to deal with the situation and thus get the guest to cancel so the booking can be made availabile on their side as well?