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Cancelling reservations

Hello partners!

I hope you are doing well and succesfull.

We have a problem with guesta who just dont appear in our object and cancell their booking on the night they should arrive.

Do you have the same problem and how did you solve that?


Thank you


Really frustrating having guests do that or just not show up.

You should consider 'Payments by' so that are collecting credit card detail from guests and then taking payments from them and then paying you (less commission).  Stopped my late cancellations and no shows as they would still have to pay.  You need to contact Help desk and check if it is available for you.  Also may need to push them to set it up for you.  Charge of about 2% but get it back with more reliable guests.

Contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet (Option messages) or give them a call see link for local phone numbers.