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Cannot get a reply to extranet message - FINANCE DEPARTMENT

I am owed a commission payment from June, I cannot get a reply via extranet, I cannot get a call back from the 'right team' when I call finance dept number.

They told me they sent the payment, I have sent them a letter from my bank confirming that the payment was returned to them due to them supplying wrong info (not me).

Spent literally hours on the phone - most on hold awaiting an answer ... 54 minutes so far today and still no answer ... how can they operate a business this way?

What do i do next? 

Bcwhyte 3 years ago

i am an owner and attempting to rent through you guys, the question do i change the cancellation date.? the longest date choice was 14 days so i picked it but i need to have a little more notice because if they cancel i only have14 days to bank it through diamond resorts if i dont get it rented out. please reply soon thank you...Bob 604-850-9540

Info 3 years ago

Finance Department,

Dear Sir,

I had a problem with my Internet banking facility with National Development Bank Digana Branch in Sri Lanka,but however I had a payment of Commission to be payed to the Slandered Chartered Bank in Colombo Srilanka before 15th December,I immidiately informed my bank to honour your payment on 14th by email to Manager HNB Bank Digana.

Ity was a Friday and the Banks closed for transaction by the evening,however when I contacted the bank today Monday Morning the manager informed me that the payments were done as per my instructions.

Please be free to inform me if you still have not received the payments,I am still having problems in getting Internet Banking loaded to my computer.

Best Regards,

Kumar Weerasinghe.

Owner Villasukum.

Info 3 years ago

I have problems to pay the commission by via bank account. Can I pay using my credit card using the dollar card? I did not get any option to pay online using my credit card ? But unware of how I can do it.can you give me a link? thanks