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Can't mark a card as invalid, the button is gray and un-clickable

Hi, I'm trying to mark a card as invalid, I already try to charge the room 6 times and didn't pass. The button to mark the card as invalid doesn't work, is gray and un-clickable, and when I try to directly cancel the reservation because the card is invalid it shows in a red square that the cancel couldn't be made, to try again in a few minutes. I been trying several times in different days. It is the only reservation that I found this problem.



When was the booking originally made and when is check-in due?

I ask as there is a limit when you can charge the card which works together with your payment & cancellation policies so check those as well.

If nothing found there you'll need to phone BDC to fix the problem.

Anna Macleod

I am having the same problem.  The guest has checked in, I've received the email with the guest's credit card details and it has been declined twice with a code 58 .  I've tried to mark the card as invalid but it is grey and unclickable.