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Can't see the list of people i got paid for

So i can't see the list of people i got paid for. When I press on etc july 1-8 list, I see that there is 22 bookings and money amount that I got, bet list is still loading and loading. Tried different browsers.


I think is in trouble with their finance department they are not handling it.  I too cannot see the details of the payment its like they have thought of a number and thats what we are paying you  nothing adds up and always short

My June payment is short and my first two weeks in July is short  oh and there is an odd payment of £53 ??? havent a clue what its for   I have agreed a full refund with guests and this has not been applied after telephoning three times and sending messages its an utter shambles. I have decided to pass all complaints over finance to I dont get paid to do their work .