Card deemed lost/stolen to avoid fee

Hello, a guest wants to cancel this reservation, which is no a subject to a 50 percent cancellation fee. As we are a new partner to Booking.com, we are unable to view the credit card details and charge the cancellation fee ourselves. Please, what will happen in case that the client will not answer our quieries and for example tries to avoid the fee by deeming the credit card stolen/lost? I am not saying they will do it, I am just asking what would happen then. We have searched the FAQ for a long time, without finding a suitable answer. We have offered free rebooking to another date, without an answer from the client. Please, what are our options in this case? Thank you and have a nice day. Filip Bis


You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to look at the booking or help with this matter as it will depend on your payment processing agreement and rates setup.  Message the booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet.

Unfortunately guests often do not answer their messages.



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BdC Support will never see this.

For this do not wait pick up the phone and call BdC support immediately.

Do not wait another minute.

Guide on how to find the phone number for your area is :

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