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Caron virus


I need to cancel the bookings in my calendar as our building management not allowing bookings due to covid 19. Please help me asap

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Kate Verma

Welcome to the Partner Community. You are only addressing fellow partners and Community Team.

All such actions should and can be done by  yourself on Extranet.

Note If you use the contact BdC support method to do this for you , you may end up having to pay for relocating all of them.

The reccomended method is contact Guest directly.


If you do not want to pick a future date from which onward you are taking new bookings then just keep it short and sweet.


"Dear Guest, unfortunately due to COVID19 and restrictions in place , we have to cancel your booking with immediate effect. We look forward to have you rebook at a later date once we are in a better place , post this pandemic, Thank you for your co-operation. If you prepaid at point of sale, to kick of the 100% refund process, you will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm, please do and the system will start that process."



Once you send that to every one - TIP: create it as a message template -other and then select it when you open each reservation so you dont have to retype it.


So once that is sent per guest reservation, simply on the same reservation details page, click on Request To Cancel, and choose option2.

This option causes the email notification and also acts as your acknowledgement of 100% refund.


Now its just a case of waiting for each guest to see both emails and click accept on the 2nd email and it gets marked as cancelled with full refund.


IF you are prepaying rates and charging the Guest CC ahead of time or deposit  directly , then follow your procedure then to refund.





Kind Regards


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