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Cash Only on new properties - New Policy - Why??

I have self catering properties where guests book and pay online through Payments by Guests can arrive and let themselves in with the key in the key safe. These properties are also listed on AirBnB and TripAdvisor. No problems whatsoever.

I have added another property, but apparently, will not allow us to take online payments using Payments by They say it is "cash only" for 3 months.

Cash only is not workable. We can't allow a guest to book a holiday home on the basis that they will pay for it when they arrive - there is no guarantee that the guest will actually turn up for something they haven't paid for. Also, we can't have someone waiting at the property for (what could be) several hours in the hope that the guest arrives and actually has several hundred pounds in cash.

Therefore, we can't make this new property live on

This "cash only" policy is a bit like the chairman of Tesco saying "we will open a new shop, but we won't sell food".

I wonder, do the people that made this "cash only" policy actually work for AirBnB??


Isle of Wight …

I posted the above after going through several frustrating messages and phone calls with .... and not long after posting, I got a phone call from the States with apologies and "that absolutely is not our policy" and "if you log in now, you can select Payments by" .....

I think someone is watching ....


Everyone is free to check how the person is trusted before to marry him :) All OTAs you have mentioned are running on different schemes. 3 months - that's the time that Booking set to check if you are really trusted before to make payments on Your Behalf, and still have no guarantee that you will not abandon their clients.

We had a case here on the forum, where the host took money from the guest, didn't provide a place to stay, saying "the property was sold, not her fault" and then created a Full Crying Drama here saying I am rude to say she is irresponsible host :)

Money means responsibility. Now you are the one, who is taking money, and no middle person is involved and responsible Legally for someone's else fault. Now, somehow it's uncomfortable for you, and Booking has to take a great care for a person, who is if not a stranger, but not really known for being responsible. So, they are willing to wait for 3 months to check on you.

I think it's not a long time to set a good partnership, when someone takes good care of you. You asked WHY - I tried to explain why. And, as a host, I really understand why it is so, so, so uncomfortable for you. My "cash times" with Booking were nightmare times.

Isle of Wight …

With Payments by, the host does not actually get the money until the month after the guest has stayed - therefore the situation you describe of "host took money, didn't provide a place to stay" cannot happen.

Working on a cash only basis is not practical or wise. People would be able to book and then not turn up - and by then it's too late to let the property to someone else - it's lose lose for the hosts. Any host with sense will just use AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway or other OTA instead - you get the bookings AND you get the money.



As much as I agree with Katerinka12 comments, the point has been missed.

Isle of Wight Vacations rightly complained that, as an established and known partner to BDC, a new property having passed the verification stages OF THE SAME OWNER should not enjoy the same earned status as far as payment is concerned. (I have assumed for this comment that all contact details and financial information is identical, if not then as you were!).

Isle of Wight …

Yes - if we have been validated already, the same terms should apply on new properties we add.

The bigger point though is that *someone* at BDC is making these decisions, which don't help property owners / managers / hosts, and they can't be of any help to BDC either - it will just drive owners to use AirBnB / TA / HA instead.


I think what tried to do is protect themselves from 100s of pop up accommodations that just let a room, cabin or holiday home to make 'easy' money. They do not operate as a genuine business and often decide they cant be bothered with the issues associated with having guest accommodation after a short time.  They soon decide that meeting compliance with tax, insurance, cleaning etc is not 'easy money' and close the doors, in the process letting down people who have booked and paid.   Sadly treated Isle Of Wright as one of the newbies, realized their error and sorted it when it was pointed out.

Mandarin Orien…

Hi all

I am having same issue. No payments by option and told the same garbage I must have 3 months cash only. Is there anyway around this?

Isle of Wight …

Use AirBnb and TripAdvisor until change their minds. Once you have a number of good reviews on those other systems, might think you are genuine and might let you take online payments.


hmm interesting it seems either this no longer happens or BDC is not applying this to all new hosts. I did not need to do it and got verified by postal method.

Isle of Wight …

I have added 3 new properties in the last week .... they have all come up as Cash Only .... for one of them, I sent a polite message to BDC asking for Payments by to be set up. I pointed out that we already use this for other properties in our account. The reply?

" Our payment service is not available everywhere yet, but you can check if we have it in your area and how it works here: Payments by"

That was 4 days ago and nothing since ...... It *IS* available in our area .... we already use it and pointed this out in the message requesting it ..... quite why BDC respond in this way is beyond me .....