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I have a homestay in namchi, Bumtar Villa. I have chosen card payment only as an option. I want the customers to pay through their card after booking and booking.com can send it to us. That is what I thought while making this policy. Yesterday we had a guest and she said that she had given her details to booking.com and she thought that she had paid the money to us. Today she called me and told me that no money has nbeen deducted from her account and now she is asking if she should pay by cash later this evening. I told her that she can pay by cash and if any amount is deducted we will pay it back. How can I make sure that the customers pay their money before arriving. Also, how much money do I need to charge her. Just the amount for the room or also the commision?

Leandri Klopper

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I'll start at the end. The money you charge must be the full price including the commission. Booking.com invoices you at the end of every month for their commission and you will pay it over to them. 

Payment policies are up to the property owner. Search the forum a bit, there is LOTS of information on it scattered across the community. 

Set up your policy to "Payment in full to be paid prior to arrival" and then you can charge them before arrival. 

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