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Change the city tax please.....


My number from is 11371    Boutique Hotel de Zwaluw   TEXEL.

Is it possible you can change the city tax for our accommodations   

Hotel Deluxe kamer

Hotel Comfort kamer


the new price for this year 2019 is € 1.85 p.p.p.n.

Thank you very much for you're service

With friendly greetings from Texel,

Fred F.Bakker

Boutique Hotel de Zwaluw



Boutique Hotel…

Thank you for you're mail,

we can't change this in our system.

I think you can do this ??

Thank you very much

Hotel de Zwaluw



If you are not able to change in extranet, you will have to contact support with this request. You can contact them via extranet -> inbox -> Booking messages -> compose a message

Please note that here is a Partner forum and not a support.


It seems that the gst is not added by i have to do it as. I take the creditcard payment .not virtual card