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Good Morning,
it is possible to charge the customer in different currency. For example in GBP Pounds?
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I've been trying to do the same thing and can't find how. Did you have any luck?

1 year ago
President ANDERSON


I am Jonathan, a manager a GetPaidToHost Networks out of Montreal. Booking.Com will I have you a head time for changing the currency but it is possible. Here is what you need to do, you need to find your service agreement and under section 4.3, I believe, you will see that it talks about currency change and the requirements. If you can meet any of these requirements, they must by law d so. If they refuse, you have a tort interference claim against them for non respect of their obligations.

I'll share with you the feedback we got from our local office.

They said no.

Then, this is what I wrote in my response to them.

Your response maybe valid for the old property as it is or maybe a system limitation, however, contractually, your service agreement allows for such a change and you have an obligation to respect and honour your own agreements, written by and deemed in the best interests of your company. When your attorneys wrote your terms of service, I am sure they didn’t write terms that they knew could not be fulfilled. It’s only normal for me to have the expectation that it will get done, granted maybe not by anyone in your office.

Technically, I am told that it is possible to create the new property out of New York and then override an address change. This would effectively set the currency to usd and allow our channel manager to push the rates without a problem in the proper currency. As it is now, rates are pushed manually in usd but are listed in cad on your platform, this causes a great deal of problems logistically.

Can you please revert and see how this can be done in a more seamless fashion? Moreover, We have put your local office on notice about this problem back in September or October of last year and when we signed up we specifically listed a requirement for USD base pricing.

If all other ÔTA (ie, Hostel Clubs, Expédia etc) have no issues setting our base pricing in usd and Booking ( the worlds biggest and best booking site!) is unable to do so, I find that it is a serious system limitation, serious enough that it probably should get escalated to the home office.

Moreover, We had a pending application for HotSpot Hostel a new property which we setup. This property should be USD and not Canadian Currency to avoid the same issue.

We look forward to our continued working relationship and apologize in advance for the inconveniences of our requests but in a free market economy, your hoteliers can transact in the fashion they deem in their best interest and this request is in the best interest of our business model.

Looking forward to your response and resolving this matter soon.

Thanking you in advance for your engagement and dedication to providing and excellent partner experience and quick resolution.

Yours truly,


She then challenged me to locate the specifics on their contracts. The truth is they probably have no idea what they are doing but it is possible.

It's up to the partners of to figure out if this makes sense and is worth their while. In our case we wanted USD for a property in Canada. It is in fact worthwhile for us because out company HQ is in NYC and all our partners including Expedia have already accommodated this change. Personally, I am totally for the free market economy. As an hotelier, I find the positions of companies like regarding base currency and restrictions they try to impose, revolting. You have a right to place the currency of your choice. They make billions of dollars in profit, if it is a technical issue, the should hire a programmer and get it done.

Hope my response helps.

1 year ago

I need to change the currency to US dollars is there any possible way! All other sites one is able to choose their currency

1 year ago

Did you get a reply? I need to change the currency to US Dollars and cannot figure out how to do that.

1 year ago
Dr. Béres Andrea

Hi guys, did you get a reply to this one? I need to charge my guests in HUF (Hungarian Forints) but I can set it only in EUR-os.

1 month ago