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Change of Invoice Payment method

I have been trying to contact via the platform for 2 weeks now. No one has contacted me but has stated my account maybe deactivate.

I made $60 USD for the month of October. The invoice I was to pay was $8.20 USD. To wire $8 to I have to pay my bank $35 USD...that makes no sense. 

I asked about an alternative method of payment no response up to now.


Isle of Wight …

If you set up Payments by, they take their fees and transfer the balance to your bank account, just the same as with AirBnB .....

Vicky Venner

It was not an option from Barbados. It automatically sent me wire transfer information and it was the only option under invoice payment methods. I am not able to change it from my end.



Hi Vicky,  I would strongly recommend you ring the support number for your region/country even if it takes 30 minutes in a queue



In the admin portal, click Inbox, then messages, on the right pane second box down is Contact Us. expand and you will see second option is 'Call your support team' 


For me in Ireland it is 0035314470680. this seem ti redirect to a USA or UK based team depending on time of day. So no harm trying that number if you cant see one .


Kind Regards [homestay - ireland]

Isle of Wight …

If you cannot take payments online using Payments by, it's best to switch to AirBnB or other OTA that will allow it, otherwise you can have big fees for payments and for paying invoices ....