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change owner

Hello, this hotel on April 1 will change its owner, I will become part of it for a period of time, I need to know if this hotel has no outstanding debts, also to know the payments if they enter in the month that the person enters to the hotel or if they enter when they make reservations, for example if a person I book today for July, does that payment come to me in July or today? please wait for your reply thanks


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BrookAve 2 years ago



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Note only partners and community team will never see this. the Main support teams will not.


1. debt info will not be available here. If you have extranet access, then please use Finance menu> overview for contact info for that team.


2.  payment is entirely based on how it is setup on Extranet, see finance menu > getting paid and bank detail sections to see if you have Payments by enabled.


If yes then typically if its set to monthly payout the process starts the transfer that day and within 10 days arrives.

It will only cover bookings where the checkout days were between 1st and last day of the previous month


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