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Changing Currency

I am trying to change the currency of my property from US$ to AR$, however I was not able to find it anywhere. How can I change it?

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AG Lodging 3 years ago

It's not possible. However, guests will see the prices in their local currency.

When you look at your property as a guest, the webpage will display the prices in local currency. Also, at the top of the screen, they can select any other currency they want to display prices at.

Michael Lane 2 years ago

Not very useful if you want to set rates in a specific currency, i.e. £ for a Spanish villa!

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Moriam Olaide Jagun 8 months ago

Thank you.  I have same issue.  I want to set the price in Naira which is the local currency in Nigeria.  The official conversion rate in the bank differs from black market and sometimes it is difficult to know which one the guest will use if I do not check the extranet.  Most times it is a bit stressful for me.