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Changing the paiement for my guest

I nead change my paiement w booking .com.
Because i want my guest paie in my properety in cash . Is importante because in my island palawan the internet is very difficult . And i don t want give my bank account. In the net . I ask for cash only in properety but na you said is paiement in booking i don t ask that . Thinck you change this very quikly . Best regards.Vvillas



This is a partner forum and nobody is going to change anything by writing in this forum!

You should be able to set up your payment policy that the guest pays on arrival in cash - the problem is that you might have no show or fake bookings especially if you do not charge a deposit.

I think if the internet is not stable, you should let collect the payment/deposit from your guest and they will transfer the money directly to your bank account.

see this HELP section here about payments: