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Changing payment methods and paying commission

1.How can i change the payment method from bank transfer to other methods "in case you have any other method".

2. Am i supposed to pay the bank commission while transferring the money through the bank to the address i received or the bank commission should be deducted from the money i should pay.

thank you

Bandara Hotels…

Ans 2. Normally yes hotel will have absorb that bank commission same as credit card fee from bank charge.

Laura, Communi…

Thanks Bandara and Zsolt, and the screenshots are so helpful! I've added this post into our Payments FAQ to help others that have the same questions.


Just received my first invoice for commissions. I guess I expected that you would hold the commission before sending the nightly proceeds. I need another way to pay that does not involve a wire as this is very time consuming and expensive. Would prefer to mail a check. Would consider a credit card, but don't want to pay a charge on a commission. Please provide options.

M Adamopoulou


Since this is only a Partner Community you have to resend your message request through your Extranet inbox tab directly to BDC.