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charge of bank transfer

We are new on booking and we can't accept credit cards. We would like to avoid non shows that is why we decided to request 30 % advance payment via bank transfer. However, a lot of guests have contacted me and wrote that the charge of the money transfer is very high. For example 12-25 euro for 50 euro. In one case the client transferred 261 euro and we received only 228 euro. Our bank told us that they charged only 3 euros, which is a reasonable fee. 

Do you know which is the cheapest way to transfer money? Western Union money transfer maybe?

If we loose 30 euro / transfer and pay also the commission to booking then in the end we accommodated the guests almost free of charge.

please advise


Thank you!

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Veronika Group

WesternUnion is expensive and not practicle. Consider using PayPal Invoicing or enrolling to ‘Payments by Booking’ if you are a cash only property. This way will facilitate the payments for you and pay you via bank transfer.

1 year ago