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Chargeback Defence Document

Anybody tried the new function available to report charge backs or credit card fraud?

How does it work and what does it bring? A change to get back some money in case of chargeback?



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The way we dealing with chargeback's is informing Booking(customer relation exutives usualy most helpfull) and asking for supporting letter wich is basically explains and insure our partnership and business model as well. That and details from us are usually good enougth to win the dispute from any cc including AMEX(most hard one ), obviously if charge was made according the booking and cancellation policy.

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi Roman,

It seems Michael is more knowledgable on this than I am.

Can you perhaps advise where you got these forms? Or where you saw them? I'd like to have a look.


1 year ago

Hi Roman!

I can also recommend to use cc authorization form(similar to what you usully sign at the hotel reception desk at check-in). This will also help you to deal with possible property damages, during or after the Guest stay(at the bottom of the form is the statement about customer responcibility), since Booking does not cover you agains it.

Hope it helps!

1 year ago