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Charges to a No Showed

Hi All, Thank you for your support in advance, my questions are regarding a "no showed" guest, how can I charge them from their credit card if once I clicked on "no showed" now the credit card information says

"You don’t have permission to view the credit card details."

Our cancellation policy its very strict, and preparation for checking in has high costs, specially now with extra COVID19 extra expenses and care.


If the guest doesn’t show up they will be charged the total price of the reservation.

Who will make this charges and how is the procedure to received the positive balance?


Thank You again for your response,



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Le Balcon des Jasses 2 years ago

No show, we charge 100%

Last-minute cancellations, we do not charge

Last-minute no show we charge 100%

Charge Virtuel direct from own terminal. Cost is 0.9% commission.

Nobody book without full credit card details and CVC code.