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Charging Credit Card in the premises when Guests checks In

T here is a Big Problem from my experience.  I am only allowed to charge the Credit /card as soon as my Guests Checks in.  


Guest Credit Card Declined and they are already in my Apartment.  Having difficulty to pay cash. They cannot cash £6,790.00 from the ATM. 


I only hope that their rent is paid before they leave.  


Suggestion:   All Credit Card Payment must be charged. as they make a reservation.  At least you know that it is a genuine reservation



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£6,790.00 !!!!! Oh no! How long are they staying for? I would ask them to make payment by immediate bank transfer, or at least withdraw the money daily from an atm and pay you daily. If they cant/won't then you are within your rights to ask them to leave.

1 year ago
Lucky Pete

I am a little confused, maybe things are different here but we charge our customers the day they book 50% of the fee if its more than 60 days out and the rest at 60 days or the total if the booking is within 60 days of arrival. You need Square or similar to do this. On occasion credit cards bounce and we just mark that it has and the customer updates the info and we process it. If they wont/cant we can cancel the booking without penalty after 24 hours. Isnt this what most people do?

In this instance I would be politely insisting for bank transfer.

1 year ago