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charging deposit - holiday home

Dear partners, I was wondering how you manage the deposit from the guests. We have a holiday home that we rent out on Booking, but we never managed the deposit. And of course once in a while, we have had guests how make a mess of it. Booking gives the option in the policies to mention the deposit, but not the option to get managed the payment. How do you organize it? Do you ask every guest to make a banktransfer and book it back. that is quite a lot of work as well. I hope you have some good tricks for me. Thanks a lot in advance. 

Best Brechtje



Hi Brechtje

Below is example of the options for deposit. As you can see it only lets you say how you accept deposit.


So its entirely up to you as you may also have other options outside of that. i.e. you are not limited by those options.

As at end of the day its a direct payment and nothing to do with BdC.

There are  payment service providers such as and, that give you the option to send a payment link by message, email, sms etc to the guest to pay the deposit.


You can than later reverse the payment.



Brechtje Smidt

Thank you for the quick feedback. As I am familiar with airbnb, I thought this would be a service of BdC, similar with the cleaning fee. It requests quite a lot of extra work for the hosts, while it could be easily automated by BdC. I have the automated payment service via booking, and now I have to ask extra money from the guests. I am afraid that might make people more anxious to book our accommodation. Best I wll see. Thank you againg. Brechtje




 I am afraid that might make people more anxious to book our accommodation. 


Dont over think it, as this is not new and has been the norm for years.


Villa Fonte Ta…

Hello, don't worry the damage deposit does not discourage guests from booking, and it is very simple. Personally I ask it in cash at the time of the check-in and give it back at the time of the check-out. Obviously this is indicated in BdC as highlighted above.