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Charging for no-show fees

 We had a no-show.   When I reviewed the credit card that had on file, there was on CVS code, nor Zip Code info (US).   Thus the information was totally worthless.   I called support, to ask why they let people provide incomplete credit card details, only to get a bunch of apologies but no information.

I presume that going forward the only way to deal with this is to review the credit card data when the booking is made and reject if it isn't complete?  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this going forward?

Thewoodenhomes… 3 years ago

They have no answers! We recently faced the same problem where the customer cancelled last minute and inspite of our non-refundable policies, we were unable to charge them. The Credit Card details were not visible for the booking and we cannot charge the guests by any way. Major fault is that before arrival of guests, it is clearly written in reservations "You aren't able to view these credit card details at the moment but we'd like to reassure you that they've been checked. You'll be able to view these details if the guest is a no-show or the reservation is canceled." But once the booking is canceled it shows "Your account is not set up to view this information." To make things worse, when we try to reach your executive and find a solution regarding this, they have no answers and they do not want to forward the call to their senior executives inspite of requesting them to do so atleast 10 times. And they inform us that they have no Credit Card details of the customer and we should have cancelled the booking as soon as we have received it. But the fault with this claim of is that we have received no mail saying " Invalid credit card status of Booking" which we receive other times. Very disappointed with this loophole on and i have no idea how they are going to resolve this issue

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Rishanthagalah… 3 years ago

Yes this issue ,was going on ,but no response from,we have to block the rooms no revenue

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Tenbury Apartments 3 years ago

Hi all

I do not work with credit cards at all which is sometimes a disadvantage however I do operate on a small scale. I have has this issue before were we have lost revenue due to no-shows and associate non-payments. The solution which works for me is the following:

1. As soon as guests book a message is automatically sent requesting a deposit within 3 days to secure the reservation. It further states that the balance of payment is due one week prior to arrival.

2. If they have not paid after 3 days, their booking is cancelled and that reservation space opens up for others to book.

3. One week prior to arrival, we ensure they have paid via a follow up call or email (I created a template).

Yes, this is administrative but it works for small scale units (I have 3 rooms in total).

Alternatively, now has the option which is free of charge to partners where they collect the money for us and deposit it into our account once a month. This way they take this burden from us, only fully paid people are allowed to stay and no shows can be charged a fee (I think).

Hope this helps.

Ronald Chanthunya 2 years ago

Dear All

I am also a victim of "no show". I have lost almost $800 within a month .How can I be assisted that, Booking.Com collects money for us and deposit into our account.

I have made this request before and was told that they cant provide it to me without giving reasons. what is the criteria to qualify for this.