City Tax

Booking.com now includes city tax in the price shown on their website. That's the case in Europe anyway as they say that it's a new EU requirement. This is not true as the requirement says that citizens have to be informed of any extra charges at the time of booking so what they were doing previously by having a note about city tax been excluded and the amount that had to be paid was completely transparent and legally correct. Expedia, Airbnb, Home away etc. are all still listing prices excluding city tax so I'm surprised booking.com are including the tourist tax in the final price as on websites like Trivago they now appear more expensive than the other OTA's.

One legally correct thing booking.com are doing though is not charging commission on the city tax but of course this is in total conflict to the fact that they are still charging commission on the sales tax (VAT/IVA etc) part of the listed price on their website. What is even more astonishing is that the EU and our local governments are doing nothing about it even though it's tax payers money.