Claim pay

The guest didn´t come, didn´t told me anything and obviously didn´t pay...

but now booking is sending  a 40 U$S bill for him.

This was on dec. 23, I didn´t know I have to mark him as "non show" and didn´t claimed inmediately...

Anyone can help me what can I do now?

thansk a lot!

Community Admin

Dear Bruno Casa, thank you for posting in the community! 

It is really important in the future to mark the reservations that they are a no show in order for Booking.com not to charge you the amount of the commission since you were not able to charge the guest in the first place. In this specific case, you have the option to query the commission by following the steps on the following link: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/commission-invoices-tax/can-i-query-commission-im-charged


Best of Luck!

Bruno Casa

Hello the answer is not valid in this case, becaouse of the time pased. Sistem didn´t allow me to check the box on the "dispute commission amount" row, so that i can´t do anyything by these way...

Is there another way? 

I wrote them in 4 times and call either and can´t talk with them


Community Admin

Hi Bruno Casa , there's no deadline to dispute a commission charge. Please make sure to click into the correct one,and once selected, to fill the form that will be created on top of the invoice and send it accordingly.