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Cleaning fee

How do I add a cleaning fee?

Louis Vella

I am having problem in opening my site to check and block dates on calendar. 


Community Admin

Hi Alicia Umpierrez ! Thanks for posting in the Community! In order to start charging the cleaning fees, it is important to set it up in your Policies page first. The way you charge the cleaning fees always depends on your Policies and payment method. 

Good luck!


Hello Alicia Umpierrez! Thank you for posting in the Community. 

This is an English speaking community but we are working on launching more languages. Please, write your posts/comments in English in Future. Thank you for your understanding!  

Le Balcon des Jasses

Shake Hand and Welcome our Visitors, and????

Ok, here we go. Extra cleaning, disinfection, we are "just" a Bed and Breakfast.. Will it be too difficult now?

I have many booking, most are from 2019, for the coming season.

Booking from Japan (second visit) from Australia, (third visit)New Zealand, Argentina; Italy, UK, America, Scandinavia, Israel, Germany, Spain, and of course France.. I got a few cancellations already, but most are still active.

I do not take the next step, but I wait for what will happen.

If the situations will continue to rice, we need to make a decision.

It's not easy....

What are you doing? What is your advice?

11 Days ago there was 2 people in France to test positive, today 432, and 9 dead.

Hi from Lucy

Le Balcon des Jasses


M Adamopoulou

Dear Lucy,

Very difficult situation for all of us...

No shake hands, no hugs, no kisses...wash hands many times a day...have  hand sanitizer in your property....

All over the world people are suffering from this disease...

If you are afraid or you think situation cannot be handled maybe you should close your B&B for a while....

My property will be available starting from April but I think I will try to keep cool.

Thoroughly clean everything and sanitize as better possible....

Wish everyone well...





Le Balcon des Jasses

Dear M Adamopoulou,

Very difficult, my home is "a second home" to many visitors, overseas visitor, business people french retired people, hard-working people, many regards my home to there holiday home. I have two wedding party in the next month, not easy.

I try to calm, I'm sure I will get more cancellations.

We will see, I follow you, keep cool, see what happens.

All the best...


Le Balcon des Jasses


M Adamopoulou

Dear Lucy,

I have visited your region many times in the past and I know that it is an amazing place for holidays  with so many interesting places to visit and to relax in the beautiful country...

I can understand how difficult this situation is for you...discussing about this severe disease with friends and family some are very worried....some are saying its another disease that we have to cope with..

Stay calm and see how it goes...

Now that Spring is here...better days are ahead...

Wish you well.

Le Balcon des Jasses

Nice with your positive word... Yes its a very good Area, L'Lot, to me the little Paradise..

Thank you



Image result for rocamadour

M Adamopoulou

Love your paradise...

Thanks for sharing amazing photo and have a peaceful night.