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Cleaning fee. How is it collected?

So, I've added a cleaning fee, but it's not very clear how it's collected. 

"Cleaning fee of 70US$/stay – not included in price"

Does collect it when the guest's card is charged? 



Gabriel Sburatura

Hi Bob, I have the same problem when I set up the account. I add a cleaning  fee but I cannot received. I try to go back in all my settings to see why, but I cannot find if it was added or not. Seams like the information are vague. If you find out how to collect or who collect this  payment please let me know. I Airbnb everything it is so clear. You can see/ change all the rates and cleaning fees.

Gabriel Sburatura

Hi Bob, I just  spoke with a representative (she was very acknowledged)

What you need to do first it is to check  your settings in “Property” and go to the policy and change the cleaning fee as Not Included In the price and they will collect for you in the next booking. Hope this help you.

Bob Pavese

Thank you so much. 

I think that's what I've done but will double check.

As Gabriel has mentioned, their invoicing/payout documentation is not very clear, he describes it perfectly as vague. 

Kyle and Bob