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Cleaning fees

Hi I've just signed up to BDC so new to how it all works. I charge a €30 cleaning charge per stay. I've received a booking the guest has paid, but is the clean charge included in this? On the other sites I'm on it clearly states where it's been charged but I can't see it here, although the amount the customer has been charged appears to be more, the amount on my booking confirmation looks less. Just a bit confused. Thanks 

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Yes, it used to be a bit confusing but they've improved it recently.

Go to Property>Policies>Additional fees and charges>Edit. When you set up your cleaning fee there's a question "Is this already part of the room/apartment rate?".  Make sure you check "No". The cleaning fee will now be added to the price.

You need to be aware that B.com have started deducting commission from cleaning fees, so make sure you build that into the fee too. If your commission rate is 18%, you'll only receive £24.60 when you specify a £30 cleaning fee. Quite a lot of partners are angry about this (including me - why should B.com get commission on cleaning when they have no costs associated with it?) as you'll see from other threads on this site.

I hope that helps.

1 year ago