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Cleaning Fees

Hi, I have added a cleaning fee as an extra charge. I haven’t been paid this fee but it looks like have taken it off the clients. Any advice?

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Ryan Peers


If you added it to Additional Fees under Policies , then yes its included at checkout, when they prepay via BdC, (Payments by Booking /VCC).

Have you actually looked at the finance section documents area to see how it is broken down?


Also if you go to the reservation details page, scroll down to the Payment Details section.

It will says how you are paid, and then the next section if you expand it on its bottom is the subtotal, just below that will be cleaning fee.

BdC as far as i remember do not exclude the cleaning fee when calculating the commission, nor  payment % fees

I know thats very cheeky of them.