Cleaning fees per stay, not per day

Hi everyone and the admin team.


Can anyone explain how to deal with the cleaning fee per stay? Since I have it clearly stated now, price is cleaning fee included. If staying one week, the cleaning fee is still the same as for my two days minimum stay. 

Before I added the cleaning fee not included in the price, but do I have to ask the extra fees on arrival? (People may not read..) 

I don't mind going down with the daily rates to attract people, but it would be helpful to charge extra for the cleaning since it is a lot more extra work. 

Ideally I would like to see the extra fee separately on the invoice, so I can see the income from hosting and cleaning separately for my accountant. Is that possible? 


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Aaltje B. Cleaning





Hi Aaltje B.


Hope you and family are keeping well.


So if I read that right, you want the cleaning fee to show separately when Guest books?


This will also appear on your reservation details page too under the Payment Details section where it shows break down of the rates & additional fees per day.


This can be set from a drop down list under Additional Fees under Property > Policies section.


I too have this exactly like you said, 

appears as additional fee and is per Stay not Per Day.

  • Guest will see it on checkout too.
  • Guest will see it prior to checkout, hovering over rate in the search results for your listing.
  • Guest should be given it on their invoice when requested from you as a separate line items too.


Or did you mean the BdC commission invoice? As BdC charges the x% rate on the entire checkout total, I doubt they will change it to breakdown the extras, or at least I have not seen that yet.


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Aaltje B.

Evening Sir,

Thank you, we are all well. 

Yes, I mean both situations. 

Will double check my first guest of this year. Since the fee was excluded...

she may not have paid. 

And the BdC commission invoice, yes  change it to breakdown the extras.....must request that....or is there another way around it ? 

Will have an extra look at how AirBee and b have set it up. 

Thanks for wording it. You are good at it. 

And about the photo with the cleaning products: I have added that to both AirBee and b and Booking dot com's profile and even for A. have added that I do the cleaning myself, which may help attract new guests. 

Wished I could add words to my photo's in BdotC 's profile too! 


All the best, 



Aaltje B.