Client called to cancel, but Booking.com doesn't want to accept the reservation as a No Show

I had a guest who made his booking through booking.com, he then later called me directly to cancel the booking as  his plans had changed and he would not be able to make it. So I asked him kindly to please cancel his booking through his reservation on the booking.com website, which he agreed to do.

But alas.... he didn't cancel his booking. So the day after his arrival I went onto my extranet and logged his reservation as a No Show. And now there seems to be a miscommunication regarding who cancelled and why and now booking.com are still charging me the commission on a reservation that was cancelled in advance by the client himself.... How do I resolve this?


And considering there is no way to get hold of a technical support team in anyway, I am trying the partner help...


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I would suggest that you should inform Booking.com customer service team to call and check with their client.

For waive commission you will need to send email to their finance team with prove of document. They can do credit note for you.


Did you get a Credit Card deposit to book the original reservation? Get full payment prior to check-in is the only way to insure payment or that the customer will follow-up on cancelling. It's their problem...no show....no cancel. Charge the customer, as they did not cancel through Booking.com the proper way.


I had a similar situation recently where after no payment was received 2 days prior to arrival and the guest was not responding to email, I sent an SMS to which he replied his plans had changed. I asked him to cancel via Booking.com and he claimed he had tried but couldn't. I had to then call Booking.com to ask them to cancel on his behalf at which point they kept me on hold whilst they called him to confirm.

I appreciate your issue happened after ETA, but this may help for future reference.

Point is, they weren't going to take my word for it!

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Karlad To be fair, I think Booking.com customer service team did the right thing to call guest to re-confirm their request. And in other way, it safe for hotel, so we have all record on system and reference. In case if guest show up or complain later.