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Client has not come to my housem but booking want commission from me. What can i do? Booking don't give answer to me.

31 december to 1 january one quest make reservation but he didn't come, and now booking want commission from me. I will not pay for this. My property is blocked now for the reservation. What can i do? Booking don' give me some answer. 

Garden view ap… 2 years ago

You have to settle witwthem and next time don't forget to mark no-show.

This happened to me several times

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Георгий! Thanks for posting in the Community!


If the guest did not stay at your property as per his reservation, it is important to mark this reservation as a No Show. While marking a No Show you also need to mention whether you've charged the guest or not. Only in this case we will know, that the guest did not stay at your property. 


After a guest checks out, you have up to 48 hours to modify the reservation in the extranet. If you miss this 48-hour deadline, you can dispute the commission on a reservation by following the steps below:


Best regards!