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a client who says that he paid for the breakfast service and it is not reflected in the reservation

I request help. I have a very difficult client who is staying at the Maria Elena hotel in San Miguel Allende. I am the receptionist and I do not have access to the booking keys. My client insists that he paid for the breakfast service, her reservation number is *** *** I request that you contact her immediately, thank you very much


casa maria elena san miguel allende 

Fluff (new account)

In the immediate term, the guest will have either a paper copy of their reservation or a record on their mobile phone. Ask to see this, it will state room with breakfast or room only. 

Secondly, if you have access here I assume you have access to Extranet, simply input their reservation number into the top search box and their booking status will appear.

Many hotels also keep paper records as back up in case of power/computer outages, maybe your hotel does too?