Collect the city tax (taxe de séjour), but without having a TVA number in France?

Hi, In France, we need to pay the city tax which I want to do automatically. However, it seems like that I need a TVA number, which is too complicated to have. So is it possible to get automatically the city tax without having the TVA number? Thanks, Grégory




You should phone BdC support directly,  to address this.


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Grégory Lukowski

HI BrookAve, thanks. It was already difficult to find customer support. What does BdC means and which number can I call pls? Thanks a lot. Cheers, Grégory



Hi Grégory 


Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.


Its already on every page - Contact Us


Which then describes the different ways and even where to find Partner Support in Extranet.


If you are still struggling to find it use my guides.

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  • Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide  
  • BdC - Booking dot Com  
  • I cant give you a number as it will differ by country/region, and you have not completed your partner profile so we do not know where you are nor a link to your listing.




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Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


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