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Collecting payment after a no-show without a CVC code

Hi everyone,

We have recently purchased a property with a holiday unit listed on The previous owner has secured a few bookings ahead of time and we are now controlling those bookings. He has taken (and kept) the 50% prepayment and obviously viewed the CVC code once and we need to finalise the balance but do not have access to the CVC code. This is ok if the guest shows as we can just talk to them and obtain it. But if the guest does a no-show and we are still obligated to take the balance, is there any way of us doing this without the CVC code? We stand to lose money if there are no-shows, which is unfortunate given the previous owner has kept the pre-payment also. Thanks in advance

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BrookAve 2 years ago



If I read this right the property listed was done by someone else.

Then you bought it and want to continue as the original registration?

And also try to accommodate previous reservations for future dates that were prepaid at 50%.

You dont have the card info to collect the remaining 50%.


1. It is likely BdC will consider this a new registration is required.

If not either way you should talk to partner support via phone.

Scroll to bottom for the link to contact us.


2. Assuming BdC allow the existing property registration to stand and just amend owner info and bank payout info etc....

You should review how everything is setup, policies set, rate plans etc.

Has Payments by been enabled or how are payments being handled.

3. Without the cc info you simply cant. If you have all the reservation info such as name and phone number you will just have to contact each guest and explain,  new owner and they will have to pay balance on arrival by cash, card bank transfers etc.


4. Link the property please here and add it to your profile. Tap my name to see an example.


Once we can see it and what's setup and the info, might have a better picture of where things are.


Kind regards, merry xmas